The Dream Conference Room

In an ideal world a user would be able to walk into a conference room. Dial up a phone/ video call with ease and confidence. How can we meet the need of the user and make the experience easy for everyone?

QSC Core110f

  • 16 Channels of AEC
  • 4 VoIP Line
  • 1 POTs line
  • Plenty of DSP Horse Power
  • Built in Control of external devices

Shure MXA310 – Table Top Microphone

  • Flexible Networking via Dante™
  • IntelliMix® DSP Suite for coverage settings, automix and EQ
  • Programmable Mute Switch
  • POE

Shure MXA910 – Ceiling Array Microphone

  • Configurable coverage of 8 independent lobes
  • IntelliMix® DSP Suite
  • Browser-based control software
  • POE
  • Network routable audio channels via Dante™

The MXA910 can communicate via AES67 which steams natively into the QSC Core110f.

A video conference solution has become a standard for most conference rooms. PTZ cameras are a great addition but present problems. The most basic conference rooms still requires a costly USB extender system to connect the camera to a computer.

QSC has two PTZ cameras that alleviate this problem. Powered via POE a single Cat5e connection connects the camera to the network, which allows video and control to be routed through QSYS to any end point. Now your customer has one USB connection for audio, video and control.

QSC PTZ 12×72 / PTZ 20×60

  • Two lenses avalible (12×72 and 20×60)
  • Powered via POE
  • One connection to the network for easy routing and control

QSC has a range of amplifiers to meet the needs of any design. The SPA amps are half-rack, EnergyStar and 4-8 ohm/70v/100v switchable.

QSC AcousticDesign™ AD-C6T

The AD-C6T matched with a Core110f will give you unmatched quality at an affordable price. DMT (Directivity Matched Transition™) waveguide ensures smooth, uniform frequency response over the coverage area.

With six products we can delivery a quality solution that is plug and play for the end user. The days of complicated teleconferencing systems are behind us.

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